Sellex create customer value

What We Do

The initiatives we undertake with our clients all impact the P&L, bar none. How effective suppliers are with their customers can impact the P&L at one of three levels:

Growing Sales
We work in two key areas to help clients grow their top-line through customers: firstly, by creating category visions; secondly by developing model store and range solutions for different format types.

Maximising Net Revenue
Sellex offers a combination of consultancy, software tools and training to help clients build world class “Revenue Management” skills within sales. Projects are typically focused on customer pricing and discounts and/ or, Trade Promotions Management.

Sales Overhead ROI
Whether working with clients to optimise their field sales coverage solutions, or implementing a training academy to build contemporary customer management skills, Sellex can have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of sales overhead.


Trade promotions

Trade Promotions Management (TPM) is a minefield. As a cost in the P&L, TPM spend is now typically second only to Cost Of Goods, and ROI is often questionable. We work with clients to diagnose current performance, to develop a strategy and guidelines, and then to implement a process and a fully integrated TPM software solution, to optimise the effectiveness of spend on a long term basis.

Customer pricing & terms

In our view, every FMCG business should have a standard list price and a structured set of customer discounts that support the category, customer and supplier agenda. Few brand owners disagree, but the big barrier is finding a route from the current situation to the desired end game. Sellex focuses heavily on this transition and supporting its implementation to deliver tangible P&L impact.

Grow sales

Category vision

Bottling a consistent, engaging story that clearly explains the category opportunity, and which levers to pull to exploit it, can have a big impact internally and externally. It provides a longer term, more strategic context to daily operations, and provides a foundation that all customer proposals and negotiations are built on.

Model store/range

To win across a variety of formats, from traditional “big box” stores to convenience outlets or hard discounters, brand owners need a clear and detailed view of what outstanding execution looks like, based on shopper insights and market data. Specifically, shopper-based category range modelling can make a huge difference when working through range reviews with retailers.

Sales overhead ROI

Field Sales optimisation

Field sales is all about choices: segmenting the market into chunks of stores, and developing a coverage plan that puts the right resource in the right place on the right frequency, in order to achieve the desired objectives. Our process and modelling tool allows clients to iteratively develop the coverage plan to its optimum.

Sales capability

The Sellex Customer Value Academy is a competency-based, set of 7 contemporary Sales training modules, covering everything from customer influence to channel strategy to winning JBP’s. Clients can either tap into this generic resource, or we can work with you to tailor the core concepts to your business, so that you have your own, branded Sales Academy.