Simplifying TPM with a Modular Approach

The implementation of a robust TPM system can be daunting for many businesses, not least because of the large number of new processes to master across a range of functions and capabilities.  This is often made worse by an industry trend to provide increasingly sophisticated tools that are increasingly difficult to implement, often resulting in the new TPM tool actively impeding the business process rather than enhancing it.  At Sellex, we have a different view which is that any TPM tool is only as good as the user, and so we have redesigned Prometric to have a ‘Modular’ approach and enable user capability to keep abreast of the different modules available.

To be most effective, we advocate our clients to start out with a core TPM tool that can be implemented and mastered easily, and then implement modules at a pace that matches their user capability to digest them.  Not only does this spread the cost and the risk of implementing TPM overall, but the effectiveness is much higher in the short term thanks to a focus on the core tool which provides the majority of the benefits.  For this reason, we have designed the core Prometric tool to provide robust TPM capability and reporting, with additional modules for Customer Terms & Profitability, Account & JBP planning, Invoice management and TPO.

There may be some businesses where we would advocate launching all modules at the same time, where the capability and budget are available. However, the key question for you to answer is: “Do you want to immerse extensive resources, both people and money, in implementing a complex solution, or do you want to quickly and affordably grab 80% of the available TPM benefits in a sustainable way?”.  We believe the biggest impact will come from a successful implementation of the core tool, and that those who can resist over-sophisticated functionality at the outset will get the best return on their investment.

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