Three service pillars

How We Work


At its heart, Sellex is a consultancy business, building deep relationships with its clients to help them win with customers in order to create financial value. We undertake consultancy projects across all six of our core areas, taking briefs to undertake specific projects. Often, a client needs to import some specialist expertise to get to a solution. Examples would include the extensive data-modelling capability required to model new customer pricing and discounts, or the development of a business process to drive continual improvement in promotional effectiveness. When we take consultancy briefs, we build work-plans that drive collaboration with clients to ensure that solutions are aligned as they reach completion.

All our consultants have extensive operational experience, which we believe drives credibility through the process, and ensures that our solutions are practical, and can be implemented. Most Sellex consultancy comes in the shape of projects: specific briefs, detailed work-plans. However, with some clients we have built more long term relationships, in which we support them across a program of Total Sales Excellence over a much longer period of time. Often, clients are unclear exactly what their brief is, because the first part of the project needs to clearly identify what solution is required, but Sellex will almost certainly have encountered very similar briefs in the past, so contact us if you’d like to talk a possible project through prior to developing a brief.


Sellex training programs are characterised by their authenticity – all workshops are grounded in the reality of trading with the modern retail trade right now. All our trainers have deep, senior Sales operational experience, so they have lived and breathed what they are training. Also, it is our policy that all Sellex people split their time between consultancy and training: this ensures that they are always currently involved in the issues and challenges our clients are facing with the retail trade through consultancy projects, but equally their training time allows them to be sufficiently in touch with the front line to be able to take a highly practical approach to consultancy.

Sellex implements training with clients at two levels: firstly, we have our own Customer Value Academy, comprising seven core modules, that combined provide the modern account manager with all the skills they need to excel; secondly, we partner with clients to develop and implement bespoke programs, which could be one-off workshops, or could be a tailored Academy to roll out across numerous markets. Contact us to learn more about our training offering.

Software Solutions

Two years ago, we agreed a joint venture with a software developer called Mazepoint. Over many years, we had developed some highly effective tools in the Revenue Management area, to allow us to do our job, and clients were regularly asking us if we could “install” these tools into their business systems to enable their teams to deliver excellence on an ongoing basis. With our know-how, and Mazepoint’s technical capability, we have been able to migrate these in-house tools into fully functional, web-based, multi-user solutions that can be integrated with a multitude of data sources, including SAP and Oracle, but at a price that is significantly lower than some of the big name alternatives.

To date, we have developed 2 software solutions:

Prometric is a TPM solution that allows large teams to plan, manage and track all trade promotional activity and customer profitability;

Netmax is a pricing and discounts assessment and scenario modelling tool that allows clients to quickly and easily model new customer pricing scenarios, however complex.

These two tools are typically provided in combination with a consultancy project that establishes the degree of configuration required, and any associated business process needed to get the most out of the new software. The best way to understand what these products can do is to see them, so please contact us to arrange a demonstration.